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Life Through Claire’s Eyes: Month 10 – 11

March 7, 2014

February was definitely the month of mobility. I began by perfecting my “wounded soldier” crawl. Then, at play gym one day, I bowed to the peer pressure from the pip-squeaks around me, and started to crawl. It’s not too bad, and I can move across the living room pretty quickly now. Mom and Dad don’t like that my travels have enabled me to try eating computer cords, dirty wet wipes, a large chunk of clay, old food, and a dime. Oh, and I can now pull myself up to stand and lean on things. The view is much better standing up. The problem is I’m not sure how to get back down, so it’s a good thing I know how to whine.

In entertainment news, I am getting much better at dis-organizing. Every single toy must be taken off the shelf and spread out on the floor, otherwise it’s no fun. I have noticed that Mom and Dad don’t have as many toys out for me now. Ironic. That’s OK, luckily there are also clothes in drawers and paper in recycling bins that can be emptied. Speaking of drawers, I only just figured out that they open. It’s a whole new world in there! You have to be careful not to close them on your hand though; that really hurts. A good cry will get me a snuggle, but Mom and Dad need to learn that I am not the cuddly type. I just need to know you’re there, and that’s it. I’ll listen to your songs and I might play a little peek-a-boo, but all this “hugging” is cramping my style. There’s too much else to explore in the world to make time for cuddles.

When it comes to solid food, I’m getting pickier. Sometimes I prefer to grind my teeth than put food in there. Plain lentils used to be a favourite, but now that I have tasted cumin and coriander, I need those spices. That said, I’ll still eat plain tofu. I don’t know why, but that flavourless block is delicious! You know what’s even more fun than eating? Throwing food. It used to end up on the floor but that’s not as exciting as flinging it onto the wine rack or the wall on the other side of the dinner table.

Things are feeling a little different in the house these last few days. I see Mom getting out what she calls her “work clothes” and Dad seems to be bringing a lot of stuff back from his office. Something’s up but I guess I’ll have to wait until next month to see what changes they’ll throw at me. I can guarantee that whatever they’re up to, I’ll have a lot more to throw back at them!


Hot Chili Pepper

Take that, Toy

First time Crawling up Stairs


Being Dad's disc golf understudy

Dad’s disc golf understudy

Hiking with Auntie Joce at Grouse Mountain

Hiking buddies at Grouse Mountain

So apparently Grandpa REALLY loves jazz

Apparently Grandpa REALLY loves jazz




Downward dog

Downward dog

At the salon

At the in-house salon



I’m still not sold on your singing, Dad

Rankins ready for the rain

Rankins ready for the rain

Going for the jugular

Going for the jugular

Mmmm beer

Slightly bitter with a strong head of hops- Delicious!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love fish

I love fish

The steering on this car is messed up

Hideous design and hard to steer

It's OK, I got this

It’s OK, I can take it from here, Mom

Queen of the castle

Queen of the castle

This seems sketchy Dad

This “Wee Ride” seems a bit sketchy, Dad

This will NOT DO


Now what?

Now what?

Nothing like peeing with a good book

Nothing like peeing with a good book

I organized this all by myself

I organized this all by myself

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  1. ianrankin permalink

    ‘Look out world, here I come’, signed Claire S-R . . . the expressions that pass over that little face are just amazing to me ! Thanks again, you guys. Grandpapa

  2. Laura Spencer permalink

    What, what an amazing update, showcasing the amazing CLAIRE (channeling grandpa)!!! This made my day and week!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Love, Cool aunty Laura

    On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 12:34 AM, spencerrank

  3. hannaspencer permalink

    Delightful and hilarious!!!! She is really exploring – a very promising beginning. Obviously taking after her parents, she is no slouch! Now it would be nice to be shown the scene from her daddy’s perspective……. Thank you for sharing .

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Rankins permalink

    Wonderful as always Nicole! She’s getting big so fast!

    Love, Grand-maman


  5. alanrankin permalink

    Dear Nicole & James

    Am I the only one in our extended family who did not get the idea that comments were being expressed by our charming Claire ?

    And now I see the great photos accompanied by some witty comments from a clever script writer. I can only account for the goof

    By the greater years of vision ‘tween.Claire’s eye’s and mine. And where were the editing staff that were supposed to keep me clued in ?

    So I say I forgive the editing staff, if you forgive me — and let’s not tell Claire.

    As ever, Grandpa & Monique


  6. Kieran permalink

    Too funny! “Take that, toy” is just hilarious, and I love “THIS WILL NOT DO!” Thanks as always for the best blog posts!

  7. Ruth Stewarr permalink

    This is the best blog ever! Enjoying Claire’s next growth spurt without actually being there. I love this adorable and unbelievably happy baby that I have enjoyed the few times I have been in her company. Hope to see her soon.
    Love Ruth

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