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Life Through Claire’s Eyes: Month 4 – 5

September 3, 2013

During this month, a few things have changed. I’m giving Mom and Dad a bit more sleep because they’re  leaving me alone for a few minutes if it isn’t time to get up. It took them this long but they finally realize I don’t always need them when I cry. So, I’m getting up 2-3 times at night for half an hour at the breastaurant; they seem a bit happier now, especially Mom. Although that doesn’t really apply when we go away. They’ve taken me to two weddings (Ucluelet & Qualicum), a camping trip on the Sunshine Coast, and to the four-day national Ultimate championships. When I’m away from home, they need to know who’s in charge, so I’m up every hour or two at night.

I’ve also decided to voice my opinion more. Often that means even more laughs and giggles, which everyone seems to love. It also means I like to talk and sometimes that makes people frown, perhaps because of the high pitch I’ve chosen. Once Mom and I had to leave baby group because I was talking way louder than the presenter. Hey, I just want to be involved. Is that too much to ask?

Although I can roll over, my preference is to shimmy around in circles. Sometimes I make it halfway across the room. The tummy time mat is cool and all, but the faux wood floor is even more exciting! I also love to put my fists and feet in my mouth. They are particularly delicious, so I try to put all four in at once. Mom and Dad also like to throw me in the air like a bird, which might be the most fun thing ever.

Oh, I almost forgot: I really like Mommy’s guitar playing, but she tries to play these “songs”, which I don’t like as much as what she calls “tuning” and “warming up”. To each her own I guess!


Jumping in a very jolly way



Full of Pride!

Rubbing shoulders with our Mayor, Gregor!

Rubbing shoulders with our Mayor, Gregor!


“This hat makes my head look small.”


Sun’s out, bums out!


First steps in the Pacific


“You were right, it’s not too cold.”


First wedding & first swanky hotel.


Naked airplane




“Now that’s a tree!”


“I’ll be taller than you one day, shrub.”


Cheering on a Vancouver Ultimate team called “Stache”


“Yes, may I help you?”


“First camping trip, and I don’t plan on sleeping!”


Check out my new digs!


New camping buddies


No touching!


Ok fine, just a little kiss.


“Wanna trade?”


Mom puts me down here for tummy time…


…but I really want to go over there.


“Seriously Mom, get a set of weights.”


Feet & hands are so delicious.


“Careful, I only do open-mouth kisses.” 


“I’m also good at groping faces.”


“Sweater weather already?”

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  1. Hanna Spencer permalink

    This is utterly delightful. What a delight to find this awaiting me as I got up this morning.

    Claire, you are such a happy baby. And you can have no idea how lucky you were i choosing your parents. I hope that you will appreciate your good fortune when you are bigger. In the meantime, enjoy! With all my love, Oma Hanna

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Rankins permalink

    Dear James and Nicole,

    Thank you for sending the latest update. I was looking forward to this all weekend! Claire is really quite the baby, and we so enjoy watching her progress. And I love how she writes!

    Looking forward to speaking with you later this week,

    Love, Bev


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