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Life Through Claire’s Eyes: Month 3 – 4

August 2, 2013

I think Mom has hit a wall this month. She seems very tired. I notice it because sometimes in the middle of the night, Dad comes in with a bottle of pumped milk instead of Mom. I have done a couple of longer stretches at night, but I’m still mostly sleeping for two-hour intervals. My bed has moved from the bassinet in Mom and Dad’s room to a crib in the room next door. It’s fun to have so much space. I take advantage while I sleep, and turn myself around 180 degrees. I also like the crib a little better because Mom and Dad are no longer next to me, making noises while they sleep. Still, as I pointed out earlier, I continue to wake up often.

I still hate my stroller, so I almost always sleep in the Beco carrier for daytime naps. It’s a win-win. I’m getting my sleep, and Mom gets creative when trying to do things while I’m attached to her stomach. It’s just like the good old days when I was in the womb! She has started trying to give me naps by doing doing a reading and singing routine, then quietly putting me down into the crib. Nice try Mom. It hasn’t worked much. As I said, sleeping on Mom is so much more comfy. Sometimes I tease her by appearing asleep when she puts me down, only to wake up a few minutes later. A baby needs her entertainment!

Speaking of entertainment, there’s not much to report this month. I have learned to roll from my back to my side, and I’ve given the jolly jumper a try, but that’s it. I am getting older and bigger so I’m sure there is a lot more fun ahead!


First Moments in the Jolly Jumper

Crying & Fussing gets me a Later Bedtime




I’m on a boat!


Thanks for forgetting my sun hat Mom 😦 The stroller sun shade is not nearly as cool.


First time in real wilderness – bewildering!


Like my flower hat?


After the first (& one of the only) nights I slept for 6 hours straight. I think Mommy loved me just a little bit more this morning.


Selfie with Daddy on the plane.



Daddy’s colleagues are so friendly.



The stroller, this is awesome…


…for about five minutes, ten tops.


I had to hold on tight – Grandpa had some crazy dance moves.


Pulling out my best flirting- tickling the ears.


…but maybe I need to go older to get the attention I deserve.


My hand is seriously delicious.


Mom & Dad’s first dinner out without me (but I only let it last from 5pm-6:30pm…they still need to know who’s boss!)


I’ve started rolling from my back to my side…when there’s something worth checkin’ out!


I’m serious about all my teething toys.


Rockin’ out on the ukulele with Auntie Justine.


Don’t mess with me when I’m jolly jumping.


Pull your finger?

So much nicer to do my "business" on the toilet than in the diaper (and Mom agrees).

So much nicer to do my “business” on the toilet than in the diaper (and Mom agrees).



Swimming at the pool is old hat now. Next up, the butterfly!

IMG_0629     IMG_0760    IMG_0769 IMG_0813

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  1. Hanna Spencer permalink

    How much cuter anf more expressive can she get? Utterly charming!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Llaesa North permalink

    I love getting these. What a bright button for 3 months!!!

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Laura Spencer permalink

    Incredible as always! Thanks for sharing. My how she’s growing. And more cute. Who could guess?

    Just about to enter the art institute of Chicago after a caffeine injection. Sitting in millennium park right outside lullapoluza. Debating whether to go in for Mumford and Sons. Amazing city! Reminds me of San Fran. Makes me all the more exited for New Orleans!

    Lots of love, L Sent from my iPhone

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