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Life Through Claire’s Eyes: Month 2 – 3

July 3, 2013

Around the time I turned two months old, Mom found out about “diaper-free baby” or “elimination communication”. It means Mom and Dad give me an opportunity to do my “business” on the toilet, rather than in my diaper. I like it. Who wants to poo (or pee) in the diaper if you don’t have to? I don’t like all of Mom and Dad’s ideas, but this one is good.

In the ever-popular eating department, Mom is getting very tired of my frequent and long feeding sessions. So, while my Grand-Maman and Grand-Papa were in town visiting, Mom and Dad began an eat-play-sleep routine with feeds every three hours. A lot of babies do well with it, but I must tell you, I was not buying it. I want to eat every one to two hours. End of discussion. They managed to get me used to the soother, but it’s no replacement for my milk fix. Still, I think my parents appreciate another option for soothing other than either the breastaurant, rocking, shushing, or swaying.

I’ve started to enjoy pulling apart my swaddling blanket, so Mom and Dad have switched to using the sleep sack. I can tolerate it, but it’s not very soothing. So my parents gave in, and now let me sleep on my tummy. The doctor says it’s not “recommended” but they are exhausted, and they know I’m going to be fine. I have pretty good neck strength, and I much prefer sleeping like this. I’m glad they finally figured out what I want. I’ll still sleep for two hour stretches at most, but it’s an improvement. They also put a fan in my room…apparently it makes sleeping less risky too (as long as you don’t believe in “fan death.”)

In the entertainment department, there are a few things I’ve really started to enjoy. Although there’s no sign of any incoming teeth, I have been drooling a lot. I drool so much that Mom puts a bib on me so I don’t soak my clothes. Drooling is quite satisfying. I also love to look in the mirror. There is always a cute baby looking back at me!  A few days before I turned three months old I started laughing. The world is pretty humorous and I enjoy being able to laugh about it.


First Swim at the Pool   

Some First Laughs    



No, my eyes are not too big for my head.


With Grand-Maman & Grand-Papa visiting, I get unending attention.


That sounds very disturbing. Thank you for covering my ears.


First swim at the pool; not sure about this yet…


Thanks for the sweet ride Dad.


You think you can drool? Check this out!


Playtime is great…


…but when I get tired, Mom & Dad grab the soother.


What are you up to? What is this patty cake you speak of?


I don’t want to miss a thing…but I’m SO tired!


You were right Grand-Maman, this story is pretty interesting.


Like my new duck fuzz hair? I’ve been growing it myself.


Hey, as long as I’m fed, Mom can be pretty fun.


Who wouldn’t love the bath with all this attention?


Grand-Maman and Grand-Papa gave us a visit we’ll never forget.


Sun hat, why?


It’s for my own good? OK, good point. I’ll stop complaining.


Happy Father’s Day! Mom wrapped me up with a bow just for you.


Who knew? I am pretty cute.


Diaper-free playtime…can be dangerous.


After one of my epic nights. I think Mom’s a little tired.


Auntie Joce, how did you get inside this computer? Blows my mind.


Learning to grab toys is serious business!


My first mugshot – for my passport.


Grandpa’s amazed at my old-man hairline.


I’m all for sun protection but Dad, I think your hat’s a little big.


For once I’m sleeping and Mom’s ready to party.


I’m on the edge of my seat – I hope Boston didn’t win the Stanley Cup!


Hey good lookin’!

SCBP Babies

With some old friends I’ve known since the womb…I have my eye on two potential boys here.


Just chillin’ on the bumbo.

photo (2)

Eating my carrier strap & exploring on the bus…so much to do!

With Grandpa on my first plane ride. This is really exciting...

With Grandpa on my first plane ride (going to Bella Coola). This is really exciting…

...but as we start to land, my ears hurt and I need the soother and some snuggles.

…but as we start to land, my ears hurt. I need the soother and some snuggles.

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  1. Kieran permalink

    These pictures are great! Her mug shot made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!

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