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Indonesia: Lombok- Surfing Kuta

January 2, 2012

Catching waves in the waters around Kuta was wonderful. The friendly traveller culture shared with us a fierce and inclusive love of surfing. Nearly every day, we’d fill our stomachs with heaping portions of gado gado or mie goreng at the local warung (closest Canadian equivalent is your local Ma and Pa greasy spoon), before heading out into the consistent and perfect waves. We were worried, as were others, that development of this sleepy and stunning area, is on the brink. Whispers of resorts and golf course developments were everywhere. I am perhaps naïvely hoping that the local people, along with responsible foreigners, can prevent this from coming to fruition. Fingers crossed.

In between days of visiting serene beaches and experiencing world-class surfing breaks, we encountered other rewarding experiences. Several times we got lost on our scooter (which is the only way to hop from beach to beach down there) and found happiness amidst this hot (well over 30 degree temperatures) and relationship-testing exercise. The happiness was discovered from the interactions we could experience with some of the locals who are less swarmed by tourists. These were people who have no vested interest in selling you anything or asking for money, but purely want the privilege of encountering a new experience (connecting with us). One day, we had gotten lost on the scooter and had stopped to check the map, when a swarm of gorgeous young female students on recess break came rushing over to talk to us. They were cautiously extending a hand to point or gently touch our wedding rings, our camera, and our sunglasses. One young girl borrowed James’ sunglasses and was modeling them around for us. It was precious. With our broken Indonesian and their broken English, along with many hand gestures, we managed to have a meaningful interaction with them, and no longer cared that we had no idea where we were.

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