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Indonesia: Lombok- Diving & Snorkeling in The Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan & Gili Air)

November 30, 2011

Upon arriving in the Gili islands, we traded in scooters, buses, and dogs for bicycles, horse-drawn taxis and cats. There are no motorized vehicles in the Gilis, but certain areas are bustling with rapidly growing popularity.

We headed north for our accommodation, past the most hectic area. It was a good choice, as we were only a few steps from the snorkeling beach full of turtles, vibrant blue coral, and vividly colored and patterned fish. The water was crystal blue and very buoyant; floating along with the underwater visual feast was idyllic. Our bungalow on Gili Air (for less than $20 a night) had an open-air bathroom, and the palm trees overhead made our afternoon showers glorious!

Aside from the diving and snorkeling, we also explored the shores with our rented bicycles, along the bumpy and sandy paths that bisect and circumnavigate the small island. Much of the islands are dotted with hotels and restaurants, but as we crossed inland, away from the beach, we saw the small villages where the locals lived. It was quite the juxtaposition with thatched huts, dirt floors, and small children running around naked, playing with balls and old bike tires. The villages were lined with coconut palms and trees seemingly falling over with mangoes, and brilliantly coloured rhododendron and hibiscus flowers climbing the fences of the wealthier homes. 

The experience was so enjoyable on the islands that this account is a reflection of two visits. We initially left after James completed his open water scuba diving certification and returned after our time on the main island of Lombok, to learn how to free dive and take in more paradise.

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  1. Kieran permalink

    Hey Nicole! I just caught up with all your blog posts this afternoon (it was a slow day at work and I have been uber busy lately).

    I laughed at your Korean experiences and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed Bali and the Gilis. It really is like paradise over there. Glad to hear you guys had a goo time.

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