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Korea: First Impressions

November 10, 2011

After 14 hours and approximately 7 times zones, we arrived in Seoul, Korea. Still in the airport, one of the first prominent images I noticed was a restaurant with the sign “Craze Burgers” in neon green. A perfect example of the sensational and nonsensical usage of the English language that I’d heard about. That experience was preceded by the sight of four purple matching running shoes standing in front of me on the escalator. That’s right, two people, dressed exactly alike, down to their shoes. Apparently, wearing “couple clothing” is another popular Korean trend.

During our bus ride into town, I noticed that the streets were very busy, especially for a generic Monday evening. This city of 14 million has a density that we cannot fathom in Vancouver. After stopping to ask directions (well, James asking in his refound Korean) twice, we found our way to the Seoul Guest House. Our noses were pleasantly filled with the strong smell of ginseng tea and our eyes were drawn to the traditional cobblestone road, greenery, and clay winged roofing. I was hopeful for a fabulous night. Unfortunately that was not the case but things can only get better from here, right? Our room cost 100,000 won ($100 CAD) for one night. For the first night of our honeymoon, that was fine, but, not only were we unbearably hot in our room, sleeping under thick comforters, mosquitoes also swarmed us all night. Oh and the kicker was that we had no towels and were woken at 4AM by a rooster! We were less than impressed.

So, the next morning it was time for a completely different Korean experience, as you’ll see in the next post.

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  1. Anja permalink

    Glad you two are having fun! Thanks for the updates while on the road.

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